Monitoring, evaluation and insight

How we measure impact and report on the outcomes of our projects.

Ping! like many Table Tennis England programmes, is funded by Sport England, National Lottery funding.

We therefore have a commitment to achieve specific targets and wider outcomes, and must ensure we work with partners to effectively measure impact and report on the outcomes of this investment into social table tennis.

In order for us to get an overall view of the impact of your project, we’ve got a few different bits of data collection. We always try to make this process as simple as possible for you, whilst ensuring we collect everything needed. Quite likely we’ll require:

Provide us with details of any table donations you have made since project starts. We need this information to be able to monitor and evaluate any projects you donate tables to, using our own existing processes. We will include these projects in your personalised infographic showing the collated table tennis projects across your area.

Create a network of local partners to help drive the project and tell us about the key partnerships you’ve created.

We ask players to complete a survey so that we can keep track of who’s playing, and ask them about their experience. We also want to create case studies to demonstrate the impact of the Ping! programme on people, and so are asking partners and participants to complete the downloadable templates.

Partner infographics

As partners facilitating/delivering, it’s also important for you to see the individual and collective impact of your work. We therefore support partners in data collection, evaluating and consistently share insight and good practice in order to impact change and evolve programmes where needed.

Whether you are working with the ageing population, youngsters, people with health or mental problems or the socially isolated, playing table tennis will be of benefit to them and its impact can be powerful. We create and circulate based on your submission of data and report that back to you. We will refer to data received to produce a town/city specific infographic and ensure each of our partners receive copies to support developments locally.

Ping on film

A series of films showcasing Ping! and how the project is reaching diverse members of the community, tackling a variety of social outcomes.

Working with people living with disabilities in a residential care home.
How a social, networking league evolved from the Bristol Ping! tables.
Why the Mansfield Ping Pong Parlour gives Gordon, recovering from a brain injury, a reason to ‘get up in the morning’.
The Grange is in one of the most socially deprived council estates in England, children come in not just to play table tennis but to have a meal and feel safe.
How an Age-UK project in Barnsley is tackling social isolation and inactivity in a group of over 50 men.
Keith is living ‘in the grip’ of Alzheimers but table tennis takes him back to a time when he was a younger man and makes him smile again.
How South Asian women in Bradford are gaining health and confidence through table tennis.
How table tennis can enjoyed by all regardless of ability or health issues.
Evolving from the Ping! tables at Kings Cross London, the KX Tribe is a tale of cultural diversity, active community and some great table tennis!
Hilary is registered blind but that doesn’t stop her enjoying a game of adapted ping pong!  
Compilation of all the Power of Ping films showing the impact table tennis can have.
The Ping! Oxford All-comers Summer Series helps new and returning players to play both socially and competitively, including providing a pathway to clubs and leagues.
How the Liverpool Ping Pong Parlour has benefited local table tennis leagues and clubs.