Women & Girls Ambassadors

Help Level the Table and make table tennis a more inclusive and enjoyable sport for Women and Girls by becoming a Women and Girls Ambassador.

What is the Women and Girls Ambassador programme and why is it needed?

Women make up 51% of the population in England (Census data) but only 12% of our members, 17% of coaches and just 3% of club or league chairs are female. Therefore, we will unapologetically focus on increasing Women and Girls’ involvement in our sport and making table tennis a space where females feel welcomed, valued and visible and have the opportunity to progress.  

The programme has been running since 2019 and has been part of initiatives aiming to address the gender imbalance in table tennis.  

The objectives of the programme are to:   
  • Amplify the different voices of Women and Girls in table tennis   
  • Improve the visibility of Women and Girls in table tennis  
  • A better understanding of experiences in the sport   
  • Improve the connection between Table Tennis England and the Women and Girls community   
  • Increased opportunities for Women and Girls such as coaching, volunteering and playing   
  • Women and Girls representatives on Local Organising Groups  
Women and Girls Ambassadors’ role on the local organising group:

 The Ambassadors are members of the Local Organising Groups which help shape Area Managers Local Delivery plans. Find more about the Local organising groups here and how you can be involved.   

The Ambassadors’ main role on the group will be to be the voice of Women and Girls in their area; highlighting opportunities as well as barriers in the sport. This can range from coaching or to events; it is all down to the individuals. 

We will be sharing regularly what the Ambassadors are up to in their local areas.

Meet some of our Women and Girls Ambassadors for 2024
Juliet Bertie

As a coach and club owner, I see firsthand the lack of diversity in table tennis, particularly among individuals who look like me. I want to join the Ambassador programme to actively address this imbalance, serve as a role model, and demonstrate that diversity is not only possible but essential for the growth and inclusivity of the sport.

Clare Flynn
North East

I wanted to become an ambassador, to raise the profile of women and girls in the North East.   

Table tennis is such an enjoyable, inclusive sport for all ages and abilities; it’s also amazing for physical and mental wellbeing. 

I hope to share my passion and knowledge in future events I host, whilst being a role model for young girls and encouraging all players to reach their goals 

Kate Grant
North West 

Been playing TT for over 6 years. I  play for the Waterside League team and became a TTE Level 1 Coach in November 2023. I have given some training sessions for young adults between the ages of 12 – 20 mixed ages, male and female.  I have level 2 lead coach training coming up. I hope to set up a TT programme for W and G only. To introduce them into the sport and encourage single and team play.  

Emma Harradine
South West 

I have been competing in table tennis for over 40 years, and coaching for over 30 years. I have been England No.1 in both the Over 40s and 50s age groups and won a number of VETTS National titles. I would like to use this opportunity to promote table tennis to female players and coaches and be a role model to anyone wanting to play. I would like to use my experience with coaching and education to support all women and girls achieve their goals in our great sport. 

Chloe Ireland
South East 

I would like to be able to encourage more women to take up umpiring and coaching to help change the culture of the sport. I’d also like to use my skills in media to help advertise opportunities for women and girls and greater explore what’s holding us back at all levels. 


As an ambassador, my goal is to spread the joy and excitement of the sport while empowering players to become the best versions of themselves and express their authentic selves. I am honoured to have this opportunity and ready to embrace the challenges that come with the role. I am eager and committed to making a positive impact on the table tennis community. 

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