Women & Girls Ambassadors

How you can encourage other females to get into the game by becoming a Women and Girls Ambassador.

In 2019, the Female Ambassador programme was launched to raise the visibility of women and girls in all areas of the sport.

In addition to the Ambassador programme; aspiring coaches and those wishing to take their coaching to the next level have been given the opportunity to apply for bursaries to help them access a course. 

The Be TT programme has been key to support clubs and leagues to engage more women and girls in the sport. This includes supporting women to become licensed coaches, establishing coaching sessions to support more women to feed into clubs and local leagues and girls only coaching sessions to increase junior club members.

What is the Women and Girls Ambassador programme?

The purpose of this programme is to promote table tennis, encourage more women and girls to play the game and inspire them to take up other roles within the sport. We recognise the importance of amplifying the voice of women and girls in the table tennis community and ensure that decisions are informed by the people that it will impact.

The programme is important because it allows us to provide meaningful opportunities for women and girls to develop themselves and make positive change within the sport.

The objectives are to:

  • Increase the visibility of women and girls in table tennis.
  • Celebrate the diversity of women in the sport and the roles they do.
  • Create a network of women and girls, to help to create more opportunities.

Meet our current Women and Girls Ambassadors
I plan to make a difference by encouraging girls to get into the sport at a young age and show them how enjoyable it can be. It is important that they love the sport so they continue to play for many years.
To anyone considering whether to get involved in table tennis I’d say a resounding ‘yes’. Like many things, you get more out by what you put in and can definitely make friendships that last a lifetime.

My aim is to gain my coaching qualification as I really want to inspire the next generation. I want to be able to show females out there especially black females that this is an arena we can be part of and be a success.
I would advise any females wanting to get involved in table tennis to give it a chance and try it out. I think if I hadn’t had attended TT sessions with my mum I wouldn’t have thought about the sport because my school does not include it in PE.

I would encourage anyone to get involved in table tennis, it’s a great sport for everyone to play and as well as this it can bring a lot of other important life qualities such as being part of a team/club as well as the social element.
Some advice I would give to someone who wants to get involved in table tennis is – definitely do it, table tennis is a really fun sport, and it is something everyone can do.
Interested in becoming a Women and Girls Ambassador?

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