Loop at Work

Making play a part of the working day by bringing table tennis into the workplace.

Loop at Work makes it easy for you to create a network of active workplaces that enables hundreds of busy employees to make social sport and physical activity part of their everyday routines.

Businesses are being asked to do more to support their workforces to be healthier. From regular breaks and supporting employees to take part in sport and physical activity. Businesses face rising costs in terms of ill health and absenteeism at work, with the current cost to the UK economy around £15 billion per year.

There is a growing range of products and services that can help businesses tackle these challenges, but many of these are costly, complicated, and require long-term commitment. Loop at Work creates a really simple way for business leaders, wellbeing managers and HR teams to make a big difference with a small budget and limited space.

Workplace table tennis creates a simple invitation for staff to take breaks away from their desks, develop connections with people in other parts of the business, fosters collaboration and enables everyone to make physical activity part of the working day.

In response to feedback from all our Ping! partners over the last couple of years, we’ve tried to make it much easier for you to use Loop at Work to achieve your goals and get busy people active.

If you use your network of local contacts to generate some warm leads, we’ll do the rest.

How to make a big impact using Loop at Work

Workplace ping pong breaks down departmental barriers, injects energy and helps to increase productivity

It has never been easier for you to use Loop at Work to get people more active, including those who find their working life a reason for not being as active as they want. We’ve created a set of templates, infographics and insight to help you present businesses with compelling reasons to buy into Loop at Work.

This content is designed to help you:

  • Grab the attention of business decision-makers
  • Pique their interest
  • Shows them how Loop at Work solves challenges that are important to them

Whenever you get interest from a local business contact, you can simply put them in touch with us and we’ll:

  • Answer any questions they have,
  • Provide advice based on their business’ needs,
  • Help them choose and order the best equipment package for their workplace,
  • Then help them get set up quickly so everyone can start enjoying the benefits of workplace table tennis.

How to set up a project

Getting a Loop at Work project introduced into a business is simple, just follow the steps below

  • Identify any businesses or organisations you would like to target, or advertise the project to your network
  • Confirm how the package will be paid for; either through funding we provide, paying for the package yourselves, or having the organisation pay for the package themselves
  • Ask the organisation receiving the package to visit Loop to view the various package options and complete an online order
  • Their order will be processed and an invoice will be raised and sent to the organisation paying for the package (if required)
  • The equipment order will be placed with our supplier (once payment has been made, if required). The supplier will contact the organisation to arrange delivery and their resource pack will be sent from our Head Office

We can provide you with flyers to send out to your networks, email us and we can send you some.

Insight & Infographics

Research shows just how good table tennis is for people’s well-being, and how it can add real value to employee’s lives:

  • Those who play table tennis at work reported a better overall quality of life and overall mood
  • Table tennis participants experience significantly higher job satisfaction
  • Being physically active can help reduce the risk of depression, stress and anxiety
  • 51% of workplace table tennis participants reported they had increased their physical activity levels since playing at work
  • Employees feel more valued
  • Employees feel they are able to take time away from their desks and be more active
  • The table tennis encourages cross department interaction that may not have happened otherwise
  • Employees are more likely to arrive earlier and stay later, taking a full lunch break away from their desks
  • It encourages less dominant personalities to engage in activity with their more outgoing colleagues
  • A good game of lunch time ping pong can do wonders for stress levels!
  • No special equipment is required or change of clothing.  Unlike a lunch time run or fitness class, a game of table tennis returns you to work energised but not requiring changing facilities
  • Table tennis is truly inclusive and can be played by everyone, of any age, gender or ability