Technical Officials Committee

The overarching body for technical officials in England

The Technical Officials Committee (TOC) is the overarching body for umpires, referees and tournament organisers in England.
  1. To support the delivery of the Table Tennis England officiating strategy and ensure selections and decisions are aligned to the strategy.
  2. To support the organisation of courses and seminars for the recruitment, retention and training of technical officials, including working with the Table Tennis England representative to identify locations of courses and appoint tutors and assessors.
  3. To appoint officials (referees and umpires) to national and hosted events as required by the TTE Competitions & Events Department.
  4. To nominate umpires and referees to fulfil invitations to foreign events.
  5. To arbitrate on behalf of the Board on questions of rule interpretation relating to play.
  6. To provide support in maintaining records of qualified technical officials.
  7. To work with the Tournament Approval Panel in support of its terms of reference.

The full Terms of Reference of the committee can be downloaded below.

Brian Jackson (Chairman)
Dave Edwards (Minutes Secretary)
Harry Jutle
Jo Outhwaite
Karen Tonge OBE (training & development co-ordinator)
Dan Bullen
Lyndsey Simpson
Chris Newton (staff member and lead contact)
Tom Purcell
Andrew Wilesmith (staff member)


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