Performance pathway

The route to becoming an England Leopards player

The England Performance Pathway supports players with elite capability to compete on the international stage.
Aims & objectives

The England Performance Pathway’s objectives are:

  • to help English players find out what they are capable of and;
  • to support those players with the commitment and capability to reach the top 20 in Europe by the time they are 19 (in order that they are sought by other clubs, nations and programmes).


Table Tennis England will support players and coaches across the pathway in:

Other programmes

Other squads and programmes also have a big role to play in supporting the individual athlete journey through their pathway including:

  • clubs
  • schools
  • regional squads
  • international clubs

The support available in each part of the pathway will vary according to the needs of the players and the resources available, but support will be deployed inline with the objective of helping English players find out what they are capable of.

PAC framework

The support will focus on developing the following trademarks as they are relevant to each part of the pathway through a PAC framework (Player, Athlete, Competition):

Letter Reference Definition
P Player Skill Have a game that is good enough that top players / clubs / countries want to co-operate and practise with them. Players’ technicality, physicality and mentality are prepared and ready for each step of their development. Players’ game is in line with England Trademarks.
A Athlete Skill Have the ability to survive, strive, and ultimately thrive in a foreign country / club programme eg. Sweden, Germany, France, China, Japan, Korea. Have learned how to learn and are able to take responsibility for their own learning in different environments.
C Competitive Skill Have the ability to transfer training and practice performance into competition, and to do it when it matters by staying in the moment, resetting, and finding a way to win in any situation. Have the ability to engage in deliberate practice / the ugly zone in order to maximise their learning and transfer.


English players & teams are known for having excellent ability to:

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Should anyone no longer wish to be bound by the antidoping rules of the sport, they must relinquish their membership of Table Tennis England and should email [email protected] to arrange this.  


The athlete lifecycle sets out the expected training and competition at each stage of the pathway up to senior level.