Women and Girls

How Table Tennis England is engaging more women and girls into the sport and improving their experiences.

Women and Girls in table tennis

It is Table Tennis England’s vision to achieve gender parity in table tennis.

Women make up 51% of the population in England (Census data) but only 12% of our members, 17% of coaches and just 3% of club or league chairs are female. Therefore, we will unapologetically focus on increasing women and girls’ involvement in our sport and making table tennis a space where females feel welcomed, valued and visible and have the opportunity to progress.

Through surveys and direct contact with our female members and women involved in the sport, we have a clear understanding that, for many people, table tennis looks and feels like a space designed and dominated by and for men. This doesn’t negate that there are women and girls having fantastic experiences in the sport and that there are clubs, leagues, coaches and volunteers doing some great work to create inclusive spaces but, we cannot ignore that there are also females having very bad experiences in our sport and who are being put off playing and participating. Our insight shows that females would like to engage more in our sport and, when provided with the right opportunities, they do! So gender parity is not only important for our inclusivity agenda, but for the growth, development and future of our sport too.

Our commitment to females does not mean that male participation becomes less important – we will continue to work hard to develop opportunities for men and boys too – but we must acknowledge the disparity that exists. We are therefore wholehearted committed to #LevelTheTable for women and girls and, going forwards, a much higher percentage of our time, funding and energy will be directed towards increasing opportunities for females in our sport.

Join the W&G community on Facebook!

A Women in Table Tennis Facebook group has been set up to make an online space for women in table tennis to share experiences, ideas and promote women and girls’ participation in the sport.

Top tips for starting a Women & Girls session

We’ve developed a guide aimed at helping you to plan a successful Women & Girls session in your club, league or community group, including advice about knowing your audience, volunteers and deliverers, how language and marketing play a big part, and all about the environmental factors of the session. Complete the form here to request your copy.

We have a host of editable posters and social media graphics for you to utilise to promote your Women & Girls sessions, or to simply encourage more females to join.

Women & Girls webinar and panel discussion

Insight and impact

Women and Girls Ambassador programme

Can you help raise #hervoice through being a Women and Girls Ambassador for your local area?