Junior Umpire Award

What is it?

The Junior Umpire Award (JUA) is designed for young people under the age of 16. It can be used in a school, club or community setting to improve youngsters’ understanding of the rules of the game and to begin their journey on the officiating pathway.

Umpiring can be a most rewarding and enjoyable experience and England has some of the most highly respected umpires in the world. Opportunities to use umpiring skills are available in school competitions, clubs, leagues and in many competitions across England . The ambitious can umpire abroad at international matches, World Championships and even at the Olympic Games.

Any Table Tennis England qualified coach or umpire or a qualified school teacher is able to run the Junior Umpire Award course and mark the test papers.

How to obtain the Junior Umpire Award
Step 1

Download a copy of the Test Paper.

To run the course, please download a copy of the test paper for each candidate.

Step 2

Register and pay for your candidates.

Once the test has been completed, please complete the form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you to take payment for the individuals completing the JUA.

Step 3

Mark your papers.

Upon completion of payment you will receive the certificates of completion for each candidate.

Step 4

Hand out certificates.

Everyone who has passed the test should receive their own official Junior Umpire Award certificate.