Turns daily shopping into funding for your club!

Fundraising can be difficult in the current economic climate, which is why Table Tennis England has partnered with easyfundraising, a tech platform that will help clubs to generate funding at no cost to themselves. 

easyfundraising gives clubs the chance to fundraise effortlessly through online shopping via an app, donation reminder or website with more than 7,000 brands including Tesco, Trainline, Booking.com and Amazon. 

easyfundraising in action 

Big brands like Amazon, eBay, Just Eat, John Lewis, Screwfix, Etsy, M&S, Argos, Moonpig, Skyscanner, Waitrose, and more than 7,000 others want to give back to communities. That’s why they have partnered with easyfundraising, so when someone shops online with them, the brand gives back a percentage of what an online shopper spends to your club; for free. It’s like using a cashback site, but instead of the money going to one individual, as a collective – players, coaches, parents, and volunteers can raise for your club. 

For example, Coach Dave is buying a roof rack. Instead of visiting the Halfords website, Dave heads to the easyfundraising website first and then clicks on the Halfords link.   

easyfundraising directs Dave to Halfords, where he buys what he needs. Because Dave started at easyfundraising first, his club will receive free funding directly from Halfords. Dave is happy he’s sorted for his next adventure, and his club is delighted they have benefited from Dave’s smart shopping. 

What’s in it for your club? 

Not only does easyfundraising provide a continual income stream that raffles, charity tournaments, and quiz nights are unable to offer, it enables people to give without it coming directly out of their pockets. Not only taking the pressure off those who still want to give; but also the pressure off your club, as you have a low-effort fundraising option that can last all year. 

How easyfundraising can slot into everyday life 

Because we lead busy lives, easyfundraising has built several tools to make it easy for anyone to support your club. For online shoppers who shop on laptops and computers, there is a handy reminder that when downloaded, pops up, so they can collect free funding in just one click. Or, for the shopper who shops via their mobile, the easyfundraising app keeps things really simple. 

How to get started
  • Create your club profile on the easyfundraising site – click here
  • Get familiar with easyfundraising. Book a call with one of the team, who will show you around, so you are up to speed on how the site works. They will also show you how to track your supporters and the free funding they will help you generate.
  • Now it’s time to share the good news. Use the pre-built social media copy, images, posters, and flyers in your easyfundraising account and share them wherever you can.

More than 25,000 sports clubs and teams use easyfundraising as a great way to fundraise – Get started today

Check out our webinar which provides an overview of the platform: