Data protection guidance

Guidance for clubs, leagues and counties on the General Data Protection Regulations.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It outlines the privacy rights of every EU citizen and the ways in which an individual’s ‘Personal Data’ can and can’t be used. This data protection legislation came into force on 25th May 2018 and Table Tennis England must ensure it is compliant with this legislation.

Personal data is information about an individual such as name, address, phone number etc. and includes special categories of personal data including one’s race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

Explore the attachments below for more guidance on how this affects your club, league or county.

Principle 5 of the Code for Sports Governance states that ‘Organisations shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations, undertake responsible financial strategic planning, and have appropriate controls and risk management procedures’.

Table Tennis England has a risk register that includes the compliance to laws and regulations of which data protection is referenced.

The following organisations / individuals currently also undertake important administrative functions (covered in the definitions of activities above) for the sport and therefore will have access to information via a secure portal:

  • Selected members of National Council/County Table Tennis Associations
  • Selected League and Club administrators
  • Winners (Data Analysis)
  • Sport80 (tournament platform)

Data Processing Agreements are in place, where appropriate, with the above organisations and they are GDPR compliant. Your data will only be used in line with the basis for processing your data.

Data will be anonymised where possible.

All information that we hold about an individual will be retained as deemed necessary. If an individual has not played an active part in the sport or acknowledged that they no longer wish to retain their current membership status, their contact details will be deleted on request. The following information will be retained for historic performance and reporting purposes – TTiD, Name, DoB, results and contact details were relevant. An individual will be contacted each year to ensure that the data we hold about them is correct. This can be updated via the individual portal that an individual has access to.

Table Tennis England works with several carefully selected partners whose support will aim to add value to our stakeholders. Information from these partners will be sent to only to those individuals who proactively contact them and not via Table Tennis England ie: the membership benefits package.

We will not share or provide data with any other third party for marketing purposes unless additional express consent is provided.

Table Tennis England wants to develop an engaged community of table tennis members. High quality communications will be integral to this and as such we will only send marketing information where we have specific and express consent or another legal basis.