Courses for schools

Whether you wish to up-skill teachers or engage your students, Table Tennis England run a number of suitable courses.

Table Tennis England offers a range of courses for schools which are available to staff members and students.

Our courses are designed to support schools in developing table tennis, whether it be a pupil’s first step into coaching or officiating, or up-skilling teachers in how to engage students through table tennis.

Current Courses
Table Tennis Leadership Award

Cost: £350 per course (up to 12 people) then £15 per person

Duration: 6 hours

The Table Tennis Leadership Award could be the first step on the coaching, officiating or tournament organising administration ladder for young people assisting at table tennis clubs, after school clubs, youth centres or school holiday schemes.

Some participants will have taken a Sports Leaders Award (formerly CSLA) and should have developed good communication, leadership, organisational and motivational skills across a range of sporting activities. This course will help them to apply those skills in a Table Tennis context.

The Table Tennis Leadership Award course covers: Leadership Skills (recap), Health and Safety, Equipment, Learning to Play, Table Tennis Laws and Scoring, Organising Table Tennis Activities (fun games, competition formats, school festivals, skills awards), Volunteering (developing your skills), Selling points of Table Tennis, Where next – local playing and volunteering opportunities.

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Young Officials Award

Cost: £350 per course (up to 12 people) then £15 per person

Duration: 4 hours

The Table Tennis England Young Officials Award has been produced in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, it’s main aim is to encourage more young people into umpiring and officiating in Table Tennis.

The four hour course covers:

  • how to organise and deliver a wide variety of competition formats, which can be used in schools and clubs such as; Butterfly Skills Circuit, top table, ladder and group/knockout competitions.
  • an introduction to basic umpiring skills.

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Junior Umpire Award

Cost: £4 per individual completing

Duration: Varies

The Junior Umpire Award (JUA) is designed for young people under the age of 14. It can be used in a school or community setting to improve children’s understanding of the rules of the game and to begin their journey on the officiating pathway.

Umpiring can be a most rewarding and enjoyable experience and England has some of the most highly respected umpires in the world. Opportunities to use umpiring skills are available in school competitions, clubs, leagues and in many competitions across England . The ambitious can umpire abroad at international matches, World Championships and even at the Olympic Games.

A Table Tennis England qualified coach/umpire or a teacher are able to run the JUA and mark the test papers.

Step 1

Download a copy of the Test Paper for each candidate.

Step 2

Register and pay for your candidates.

Once the test has been completed, please complete the form below to register and email us to arrange payment for candidates certificates.

Step 3

Mark your papers.

Upon completion of payment you will receive the answers to the Junior Umpire Award Test Paper and certificates of completion for each candidate.

Step 4

Hand out certificates.

Everyone who has passed the test should receive their own official Junior Umpire Award certificate.

Teachers Award

Cost: £350 per course (up to 12 people) then £35 per person

Duration: 3 hours

The Teachers Award is suitable for qualified or student teachers, it is mainly a practical course and provides an introduction to table tennis with ideas of how to engage students through coaching fun activities and games

The learning programme is intended to be flexible to suit the needs of the target audience. For example, teachers working at key stages 3 & 4 may be more interested in how to develop the basic strokes, whereas those working at key stage 2 may want to focus on learning through fun games.

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