TT Kidz in schools

The TT Kidz for Schools programme has been carefully designed to be a valuable addition to your school.

Perfect for your school

We believe that table tennis can play an important part in a child’s development.

TT Kidz is an inclusive programme, perfect for children of all abilities, and is easy and cost effective to deliver. As the National Governing Body for the sport, Table Tennis England have carefully researched and developed this programme to compliment your school sports offer.

Table tennis is the best possible sport I’ve ever come across for children in a primary school.

retired head teacher

One of the biggest benefits of having TT Kidz in school is how easy it is for staff to deliver and how flexible it is.

Head teacher

What to expect

The aim of this programme is to make it as easy as possible to get young people active. The programme can be delivered with minimal equipment and does not require a sports hall or even table tennis tables.

Schools who purchase the programme will be provided with carefully researched online resources, lesson plans and an easy-to-follow training module. The resources will allow you to deliver eight inspiring topics that teaches children the basics of table tennis.

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Eight topics packed with learning!

Through a series of sessions, the children will learn all the basics necessary to enjoy a great game of table tennis; keeping active, socialising, developing hand/eye co-ordination, developing core skills and generally having a great time.

TT Kidz is fast-growing, flexible and fun.

How could you use TT Kidz in your school?

TT Kidz has been designed to be delivered on indoor, outdoor table tennis tables and even classroom tables. It is extremely flexible; students don’t even need to change into their PE kit.

This programme does not require a large space and therefore it can be delivered in a classroom. The activity cards offer both “on” and “off” the table games to enjoy. The roll-nets can be purchased through a kit bag or are sold separately to make playing on a classroom table simple.

TT Kidz can be delivered to suit your academic structure, as a lunch-time or after-school club. The TT Kidz programme provides schools with eight hours of content which can be split up any way that fits.

TT Kidz has been thoughtfully designed to meet the requirements of the national curriculum. Therefore, this programme can be enjoyed by students in their regular PE sessions.

Who can deliver TT Kidz in schools?

  • TT Kidz can be delivered by any teacher who has completed the TT Kidz for school’s online course. The course provides training on topics such as; the rules of table tennis, how to make the sessions inclusive, and session ideas. In addition, schools can be linked up with coaches that already deliver TT Kidz in their clubs and therefore schools may decide to have an external coach come in and deliver the session.


How many pupils can take part in a TT Kidz session?

  • The number of pupils that can take part in a TT Kidz is largely based on the school’s capacity e.g., the playing space/ classroom space, the number of bats and balls available, and the number of available staff.


How do I book a staff member onto a TT Kidz for School’s workshop?

  • Once your school purchases a school kitbag you will receive information and log-in details on how to book onto the TT Kidz for schools’ online course via email. Once a school receives their log-in details there is no limit to how many staff members at that school that can complete the online TT Kidz for school’s course.
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