Player rankings

The ranking system illustrates the relative standards of our players.

National rankings and ratings

Table Tennis England operate a national ranking and rating system, which includes singles results from domestic ranking events and also some international matches.

  • The ranking/ rating year runs from 1 August to 31 July, and has separate monthly lists for men and women in Cadet (U15), Junior (U19), Senior (open age) and Veteran (O40) age-groups.

  • The lists are each published in two formats – ‘rankings’ are England-eligible players only, and ‘ratings’ show all players competing in Table Tennis England competitions.

  • Additionally, ‘filtered’ lists are available for sub-categories in the four main age-groups, eg U13, U17 or U21. The Table Tennis England ranking/ rating system is a relative ‘head-to-head’ system (ELO-based), with weightings for different tiers of event, and bonus points for higher-placed finishes in tournaments.

  • The rankings/ rating system is refreshed each season, as players progress in age eligibility or become inactive. The opening season rankings for the current season can be seen at the bottom of this page.
  • The ITTF override is denoted in the live lists by an asterisk (*). This is the mechanism by which players who appear in the international rankings are shown in the same order in domestic rankings lists

Your Audit Trail
Individual players who have taken part in a ranking tournament in the current season can see an Audit Trail of their results, and also the affect their results have had on their ranking/ rating.
Ranking publication dates
The dates for each monthly ranking run, and the relevant selection/ invitation/ seeding dates for National events can be downloaded here.
  • In the eventuality that we re-publish the ranking list, we will use the updated list for invitations to National events.
  • No one is deemed to have qualified for an event until they have received an official notification.
  • Athletes indicated by an asterisk are fixed at the top of our rankings by virtue of their position in the ITTF World Rankings, regardless of whether or not they have appeared in any domestic events.

For any further queries, please contact us.

Rankings archive

Table Tennis England ranking/rating lists from previous seasons dating back to 2014, can be viewed here.

2021/22 season – opening rankings and ratings

The rankings/ rating system is refreshed each season, as players progress in age eligibility or become inactive.

Click on the links below to download the opening rankings for the 2021/22 season for each age group as Excel spreadsheets.