Equality and diversity

How Table Tennis England is committed to equality and diversity.

Our commitment

Table Tennis England is proud of its commitment to equality and diversity and we are confident that we can demonstrate through governance, projects and programmes and support provided to the whole table tennis community.

In respect of governance, we have adopted a target of a minimum of 30% of each gender on our Board and strive to achieve greater diversity, including, but not limited to, Ethnically Diverse Communities and Disability membership. We also actively support other areas of the sport  to realise greater diversity in voluntary and paid roles.

Our projects and programmes aim to remove the barriers that exist and prevent people accessing table tennis. The very nature of the sport allows for inclusive participation, with all ages, genders and abilities being able to access the sport both formally through our clubs and leagues, as well as informally through our Ping! projects.

Table Tennis England is committed to becoming an inclusive employer.

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