The inaugural SBL Premier Cup is here, with the top eight clubs in British table tennis battling to be the first to lift the trophy – streamed live on TTE.TV this weekend!

BATTS TTC in Harlow is the host club and are joined by the other six teams in the Senior British League, Premier Division, plus the Championship winners Drumchapel Glasgow.

Beginning with quarter-finals at 12.30pm today, the competition will play on a progressive knockout basis, to create a finishing order from first to eighth.

The quarter-final draw is:

Ormeau v Brighton
Drumchapel v North Ayrshire
BATTS v Urban
Ormesby v Fusion

Champions Ormeau are the top seeds and runners-up Ormesby the second seeds, but neither will be able to field a full-strength team for the competition.

Ormesby will be without David McBeath, who won 13 out of 14 matches during the regular season, while Ulster club Ormeau will not be able to call upon their trio of top guns, Oriol Monzo, Damien Provost or Xavier Dixon.

But there will be a host of high-ranking players on duty, including Paralympic champion Will Bayley, ensuring plenty of drama as the competition unfolds.

Click here to visit the SBL Premier Cup page for the latest squad news and more information about the competition.

How to watch on TTE.TV

TTE.TV will be streaming the event from start to finish, including commentary on selected matches, player interviews and more!