National Cadet and Junior League

Aimed at grass roots players looking to experience competition

The National Cadet League (U15s) and National Junior League (U19s) are competitions aimed at grass roots players looking to experience a competition early on in their career. It bridges what was a large gap from beginner to the Junior British League.

The NCL & NJL act as feeder competitions to the Junior British League (JBL), with many players making the leap from one to the other. Players represent a team (often a club) so it also provides a good social activity for our younger players. Competition dates are set by the Tournament Approval Panel (TAP), but may vary due to local venue availability.

If enough entries are received each venue separates the teams into graded divisions. Teams must be made up of a minimum of 3 players – 3 players play in a match. Each team match consists of six single sets with teams listed in a ranking order. Order of play is as follows – A v Y, B v X, C v Z, A v X, C v Y, B v Z. This may be altered to nine singles, which is now the preferred option whenever possible, but this is dependent on the number of teams entered. All matches are umpired by the players, amongst themselves.

All entries, payments and player registrations will now be online via the TT Leagues platform – this is a new development for this season, and support will be provided for teams and clubs wishing to enter.

Click here to download the 2024/25 invitation letter, which explains the entry process.

For full details of how the NCL and NJL competitions operate, please see the NCL/NJL Operational Processes guidance document at the bottom of this page.

Video Tutorials for NCL & NJL Organisers:

We are keen to encourage and support NCL & NJL organisers with the set up and use of TT Leagues for your competition. The videos below shows how an organiser can set up and use the platform. Each video has a number of “chapters” which can be viewed by clicking in the video title.

If you would like to discuss any elements further please feel free to email us and we will get back in touch with you. An example of a NCL & NJL using the platform in 2021-22 can also be viewed here.

Click the video title to view video chapters.

Click the video title to view video chapters.

Click the video title to view video chapters.


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