SBL Premier Cup

Information about the Senior British League Premier Cup

The Senior British League Premier Division Cup inaugural event was held in the 2022/23 season.

It is a knockout competition held at the end of the regular league season and gives teams the chance to go for a ‘league and cup double’.

All Premier Division clubs compete and Championship clubs are invited in finishing order to make up a total of eight clubs. Clubs are only be allowed to enter one team and seeding will be based on the regular season.

The 2022/23 competition was held on the weekend of June 3-4 at BATTS Table Tennis Club in Harlow.

The clubs

From: Harlow
Shirt colour: Blue

Josh Bennett
Ralph Pattison
Shayan Siraj

From: Glasgow
Shirt colour: Red/Blue/Black/Yellow

Danny Bajwa
Garry Dodd
Victor Guang Shi
Baoman Wan

From: Saltcoats
Shirt colour: Blue/Black

Viktor Gorman
Martin Johnson
Chris Main
Jordan McGinlay (NPC)

From: Middlesbrough
Shirt colour: Red

Graeme Barella (c)
Jake Haygarth
Tom Rayner

From: Brighton
Shirt colour: Blue

Will Bayley MBE
Jordan Wykes
Ihor Zavadskyi

From: Bermondsey, London
Shirt colour: Grey

Josh Bruce
Robert Pelc
Lorestas Trumpauskas
Shaquille Webb Dixon

From: Belfast
Shirt colour: Red/Black

Conor Nugent
Mathew Ware
Zak Wilson

From: Barnet, London
Shirt colour: Black/Red/Blue

Toby Ellis
Connor Green
James Hamblett
Joseph Hunter
Mateusz Mikosz


Referee: Kim Mudge-Johnson

Umpires: Takako Hall, Mary Nicholls, James Pettigrew, Philip Ware



Q1: Ormeau v Brighton
Q2: Drumchapel v North Ayrshire
Q3: Urban v BATTS
Q4: Ormesby v Fusion



Session 1 (12.30pm-3pm)
Table 1: Quarter-final 1
Table 2: Quarter-final 2
Table 3: Quarter-final 3

Session 2 (3.30pm-6pm)
Table 1: Quarter-final 4
Table 2: Winner QF1 v QF2
Table 3: Loser QF1 v QF2

Session 3 (6.30pm-9pm)
Table 1: Winner QF3 v QF4
Table 2: Loser QF3 v QF4


Session 1 (9am-11.30am)
Table 1: 3rd-4th play-off
Table 2: 5th-6th play-off
Table 3: 7th-8th play-off

Session 2 (12.30pm-3pm)
Table 1: Final

Floor plan

Competition format

The teams are seeded according to their finishing position and the event begins with the quarter-finals.

The event is a progressive knockout format – so the quarter-final winners go through to the semi-finals, while the losing teams go on to compete for positions 5 to 8.

After the semi-finals, the losers play off for third and fourth positions and the winners go into the final to determine who lifts the trophy. Once all the play-offs are complete, a final finishing order from 1 to 8 is known.

In each team match, there are up to seven individual matches – six singles and one doubles – the doubles match is the third one to be played. The matches will be played to a result – ie the first team to win four matches.

Each team consists of four players, three of whom will compete in the singles. Any two players can play in the doubles.

The trophy

Cliff Carder from BATTS and Neil Rogers from Table Tennis England discuss Cliff’s donation of the trophy for the new SBL Premier Cup.