Membership FAQs

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on Table Tennis England membership.

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions, if you have a query not answered below, please email us.

Your membership benefits not only you as an individual table tennis player, but helps support the sport by contributing to its development at all levels in England. The majority of affiliation fees are reinvested in Table Tennis England events for players; the provision of insurance cover, child protection, coach development, and support and development for table tennis at all levels from grassroots juniors, cadets and seniors through to international matches.

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It depends what sort of environment you play table tennis in. If you play competitively in national or local tournaments and leagues, you will need either a Compete or Compete Plus Membership. Compete Plus is for those who wish to compete in the British League or any national tournament rated 2* or above. Compete Membership is for those who compete in local leagues, County Championships or 1* national tournaments. If you only play in closed tournaments at your club, or socially, then it’s the free-of-charge Club Play option and, if you volunteer, officiate or are simply a Fan then it’s our Supporter Membership, also free-of-charge

If you try to compete without a membership, tournament orgainsers and league managers shall refuse entry to the tournament and affiliated leagues. Competition organisers have support Table Tennis England to check the current status of membership records based on every player’s unique TT ID (membership number).

If you have an existing Compete membership, for instance for local leagues or 1* events, and you wish to compete as a one-off in a higher-level national event that requires a Compete Plus membership, you have the option of either upgrading to Compete Plus for the rest of the season or paying a one-off ‘Single Competition Licence fee’. A single competition licence (sometimes referred to as a ‘Day Licence’) is a temporary upgrade for just one specific event, such as a Grand Prix or 2*.

No. Your membership is valid for all leagues and tournaments across the country.

In most instances, affiliated members of Home Countries associations are able to play competitive table tennis in England on a reciprocal basis (ie using their existing affiliation to Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Scotland or Wales table tennis association). A similar arrangement exists for players affiliated to table tennis associations elsewhere in the world, though some fees may also be payable depending on the event. Please check with the tournament organiser before you confirm attendance. You will be required to provide evidence of your current existing affiliation.

Table Tennis England and S80 are the only organisations with permanent access to your information. When you register with a county, league, club or tournament, the organiser will also gain access to your saved information on our S80 Membership Platform. This is to ensure that you hold a valid membership and that they are able to contact you with service communications. No one else is given access to your data without your prior permission. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.

Yes, the Table Tennis England membership platform is hosted by Amazon Web Services within Europe. The servers are encrypted and monitored using a number of professional software security tools. The information that flows between your browser and the platform is protected using HTTPS encryption.

No. We use Stripe to process your online payment, whether this is by card or Direct Debit. We do not store or even hold your card details on our servers, even temporarily.

We use your date of birth to establish your age, so that we can ensure the correct fee levels are paid. We also use your date of birth to allow us to track the age profile of our membership and ensure that you are listed correctly in the monthly ranking and rating lists. In future, we may want to offer specific member benefits to specific age groups.

We aim for table tennis to be a welcoming and inclusive place for everyone, as set out in our Level the Table strategy, and we collect these characteristics to be able to make our services suitable for individual needs.

Please refer to guidelines in the summary of cover. The Towergate Insurance Claims team can be contacted on 01926 439439 or [email protected]

A number of enhancements to the functionality of the Rankings system have been developed over Summer 2023. Members will notice a brand new look to the Rankings pages on the public website, as well as a new user-interface for Rankings when logged-in to their membership profile.

The public webpages will have a new layout, with improved filter functionality, and the addition of each event name in players’ public match results.

Once logged-in, members will also see an expanded menu for rankings in their membership profile. This will include a more comprehensive personal audit function, now incorporating non-eligible matches and those against non-ranking players, and also the ability to download fully-filtered ranking lists.

The way that ranking information is displayed will also now be linked to membership status. Audit and personal ranking information will be accessible to current members, and to lapsed members once they renew their membership. Public ranking lists will show the names of current members, and lapsed members will be named once they renew their membership and following the subsequent ranking run. Lapsed member names will continue to show in results – and information on lapsed members will still be available to technical officials, the same as with inactive members, for event seeding and banding purposes.