The Women and Girls’ Ambassador Programme is returning for its second consecutive year and is recruiting new women to take part in the programme which is contributing to achieve Table Tennis England’s vision of gender parity in the sport. This could be through playing, coaching, officiating or just further opportunities to get involved!

The purpose of this programme is to promote table tennis and encourage more women and girls to play the game and inspire them to take up other roles within the sport. We recognise the importance of amplifying the voice of women and girls in the table tennis community and ensure that decisions are informed by the people that it will impact. This project is important because it will allow us to provide meaningful opportunities for women and girls to develop themselves and make positive change within the sport.

The newly appointed team of leaders will join the current Woman and Girls’ Ambassadors to help to achieve the women and girls’ objectives:

  • Increase the visibility of women and girls in table tennis
  • Celebrate the diversity of women in the sport and the roles they do
  • Create a network of women and girls, to help to ensure more opportunities

There are nine current Women and Girls’ Ambassadors – Sandy Nash, Juliet Bertie, Sally Hughes, Millie Smith, Debbie Barrow, Erin Green, Amy Marriott and Jodie Morris.

Jodie Morris and Sally Hughes

Some of their achievements this year include:

If you would like to be an ambassador then you can apply by either completing the google online form or download the form below and email to Lauren Evans