Public Liability Insurance

Players, coaches and volunteers who hold a valid membership with Table Tennis England are given access to our Public Liability Insurance.

Who is covered

Players, coaches and volunteers who hold a valid membership with Table Tennis England (Club Play, Compete, Compete Plus or Coach Licence) are given access to our Public Liability Insurance.

The Public Liability Insurance covers against legal liability for bodily injury to third parties and damage to their property, including legal defence costs. All members are insured for Public Liability to a limit of £10million for each accident / occurrence.

Frequently asked questions

The questions below are intended as a guide for Table Tennis England members only. Should you be in any doubt or require any further clarification then please contact Towergate Insurance who will be pleased to assist.

Individuals who are involved in an incident whilst training for, and participating in, non-competitive or competitive table tennis-related events could be found negligent by other participants, spectators, facility providers or the public. As a result of an incident, an individual could be held legally liable for an accident, injury to other parties or damage to property.

In the current 2023/24 season all members are insured for Public Liability to a limit of £10million for each accident/occurrence.

Yes, in the current 2023/24 season there are no worldwide territorial limits. However, a claim in USA and Canada is subject to UK law.

It is important to note that the insurance covers our members’ legal liability and legal costs and expenses in the event of accidental negligence only and therefore it does not cover deliberate acts.

A volunteer is a person who offers their services free of charge or without any form of reward and is engaged by the Club, league or regional association.  At club level this could be a person who is helping the club at a social event, helping with the refreshments.

In order for a volunteer to be included & indemnified by the Table Tennis England liability cover, they will first need to register as a Supporter Member of Table Tennis England.

A league, club or county administrator will then have to assign them a volunteer role on the Table Tennis England membership database. For more information on how to do this please contact Table Tennis England.

Yes. Cover is included for coaches who run sole trader businesses with an annual turnover/income figure below £50,000.

If your annual income (from table tennis coaching) exceeds £50,000 you will need to arrange separate liability cover, this can be purchased from Towergate Insurance, who can be contacted on 01926 439439 or by email

As the National Governing Body for Table Tennis, the Table Tennis England have a duty of care to ensure that adequate protections are in place for all involved in the sport

Included within your Coach Licence is “sports liability” insurance protection for your public & professional liability to others for any injuries or damage to their property caused as a result of your table tennis coaching activities. The level of cover provided is up to £10 million for any one incident.

Anyone can make a claim against a member, a club, league, county association of the National governing Body itself. In addition, one Table Tennis England member is also entitled to make a claim against another Table Tennis England member in the event of bodily injury caused.

  • Participation in any events that are not permitted by Table Tennis England
  • Property in control or charge of the individual or their club
  • Ownership or use of vehicles
  • Liabilities assumed under agreements/contracts

For full policy terms, including the conditions and exclusions, please refer to the policy wording available from Table Tennis England.

Claims example

A member is competing in a table tennis event and accidentally collides with another player or spectator, resulting in injury to the other person. The injured “third party” may hold the member or their club legally liable for the incident and may seek recovery for cost of medical treatment as well as lost earnings, distress, pain and suffering. If the member is found negligent then these costs (less the excess) can be recovered under the member’s Public Liability Insurance.

Claims documentation

The claims documentation is restricted to Table Tennis England members only. In order to access the insurance documentation, please login to the Membership Benefits area.