The table tennis community has once again come together to ensure the incredible efforts of our inspirational volunteers and young volunteers in our clubs and leagues up and down the country do not go unnoticed in this year’s Pride of Table Tennis Awards.

We have received more than 140 nominations to celebrate and honour the fantastic contributions that have been made.

From providing new opportunities for women and girls, delivering TT Kidz or Bat & Chat sessions, giving opportunities through local competitions, or developing sessions within schools and the wider community, our unsung heroes have gone above and beyond.

Johnathon Driscoll, who leads the Pride of Table Tennis Awards at Table Tennis England, said: “Congratulations to all the local Pride of Table Tennis Awards winners at their clubs and leagues this year! The nominations we have received this year are truly inspirational and highlight the importance of volunteers and young volunteers in our sport.

“The dedication and contribution from clubs and leagues over the last 12 months has been outstanding and we are glad the Pride of Table Tennis Awards provides a platform to give them the recognition they thoroughly deserve.”

This year’s Pride of Table Tennis awards are being celebrated at local, regional and national level to ensure volunteers, our sports lifeblood, are honoured. Those nominated at local level have now been forwarded to the regional judging panel.

Below are the names of our amazing Male/Female Club & League Volunteer and Young Volunteer of the Year winners. Congratulations to everyone for their fantastic efforts.


Female Club Volunteer of the Year

Debbie Barrow (Stratford upon Avon TTC)
Peggy Poon (Altrincham Table Tennis Social Group)
Angela Smith (West Bridgford TTC)
Angela Simpson (Darlington Dolphins)
Bowie Tong (Altrincham Table Tennis Social Group)
Teresa Bennett (Brighton TTC)
Angela Dyer (Keighley TTC)
Josephine Boyd (Frome TTC)
Josephine Bennett (Continental Stars TTC)
Jigna Gopal (Highfield TTC)

Young Female Club Volunteer of the Year

Swati Jethwa (Highfield TTC)
Mia Solomon (Corby Town TTC)

Female League Volunteer of the Year

Sue Hayes (Bucks County)

Male Club Volunteer of the Year

Richard Sinclair (Worthing TTC)
Tajudeen Alao (Irving TTC)
Brett Holt (Crawley Community TTC)
Tony Cantale (Mossford TTC)
Alec Downes (Knighton Park TTC)
Mick Atkinson (Torbay Table Tennis Academy)
Sam Kam (Altrincham Table Tennis Social Group)
Matthew Richardson ((West Bridgfiord TTC)
Hugo Tam Altrincham Table Tennis Social Group)
Hoi Fu Wu (Altrincham Table Tennis Social Group)
Bijan Talei-Faz (Central London TTL)
Kevin Eden (Halton TT Club)
Jiten Gopal (Highfield TTC)
Rob Lewis (Generation 2 TTC)
Trevor Towers (Chatham TTC)
Chi Wai Lam (Altrincham Table Tennis Social Group)
Ian Wong (Altrincham Table Tennis Social Group)
Stephen Longmoor (N&B’s Table Tennis Club, Weston-super-Mare)
Colin Gower (Bromley TTC)
Carl Morgan (Continental Stars TTC)
Lester Bertie (Continental Stars TTC)
Paul Alexander (Continental Stars TTC)

Male League Volunteer of the Year

Henry Arthur (Corby Town TTC and Kettering & District TTL)
Marcus Hookham (Ferrybridge Power Station)
Alan Livingstone (Northumbria TTL)
Martin Bolton (Leicester & District TTL)

Young Male Volunteer of the Year

Anthony Lynch (University of Exeter)
Shyam Bavalia (Highfield TTC)
Louie Crampton (Nottingham TTC)
Joe Race (Barnsley TTC)
Tom Scard (Salisbury TTA)
Ryan Nassau (Ormesby TTC)

Young Male League Volunteer of the Year

Nicholas Walker (Banbury TTL)

Those nominated at local level (Club and League Volunteers and Young Volunteers) have or will be awarded a certificate to recognise and celebrate their achievements. Below are some photos from the local presentations.

Brett Holt (Crawley TTC)
Kevin Eden (Halton TTC)
Matthew Richardson and Angela Smith (West Bridgford TTC)
Nicholas Walker (Banbury & District TTA)
Richard Sinclair (Worthing TTC)
Teresa Bennett (Brighton TTC)
TJ Alao (Ivring TTC and Kidbrooke)