Launched originally in 2015, Sport England’s #ThisGirlCan campaign has begun a new chapter this month with their ground-breaking new campaign, This Girl Can With You.

This focuses on the ‘Enjoyment Gap’ – there are 2.4 million fewer women enjoying sport and physical activity than men. The aim is to help women and girls feel that becoming active is a rewarding, pleasurable experience

Over the last year we have taken efforts to help close the enjoyment gap in table tennis and we are fully committed to continue to do this and we are asking our community to support this movement too.

How can we all help women feel more included, safer and confident to start and continue playing table tennis? If you’d like advice on how to make your club or table tennis setting more appealing to women and girls, please take a look at our women and girls page or contact us.

Here are some of the things we achieved over the past year in our bid to help women and girls enjoy playing our sport.