This October, we are joining the #TimeTogether campaign on our social media channels to encourage mothers and their teenage daughters to play sport.

The campaign is being organised by the charity Women in Sport to build on an amazing summer of women’s sport, including the Commonwealth Games and England Lionesses’ memorable triumph in the Euro 2022 football tournament.

Women in Sport is encouraging mothers and their teenage daughters to spend #TimeTogether trying out new activities to experience the joy that sport and exercise can bring.

Women in Sport research found 1.3 million girls in the UK, who enjoyed sport in primary school, are dropping out of sport during their teenage years. Deep-rooted negative attitudes which include a fear of judgement, combined with the challenges of navigating puberty, are affecting their enjoyment of sport.

Six out of 10 teenage girls are also not meeting physical activity guidelines of 60 minutes of activity per day and Women in Sport warned a generation is at risk of slipping into a lifetime of inactivity.

Table Tennis England is committed to achieving gender parity in table tennis and has a strategy to unapologetically focus on increasing women and girls’ involvement in our sport – making table tennis a space where females feel welcomed, valued and visible and have the opportunity to progress.

We have undertaken a number of initiatives to help us achieve this, which you can read more about on the Women and Girls section of this website.

This includes how to join our Women & Girls Community on Facebook, where you can take part in – or organise – female-only sessions, and information on our Women and Girls Ambassador Programme.

TT Kidz, our inspiring and fun programme to get 7-to-11-year-olds into table tennis, also has a number of girls-only sessions. Click here to find your nearest session.

The #TimeTogether campaign will be running throughout October. Click here for more information.