As we continue to highlight our responses to the feedback we received in our coaching survey, today we focus on the Coach Licence and on networking opportunities.

We received some common feedback from coaches around collaboration and sharing of ideas, including comments suggesting that some form of forum or discussion room would be useful.

Coaches were keen to discuss ideas, ask questions and learn from each other as well as discuss potential club meet-ups or challenge matches.

We thought this was a great idea and so we have launched a Facebook group for coaches who hold a Licence with us. It’s one of the many benefits we offer to those who support us by taking up the Licence. We’ve already started to release content on the group and we’re beginning to build a good network.

Here’s what Teresa Bennett from Brighton Table Tennis Club had to say about the group: “The coaches’ Facebook group is a great idea, to share practices, discuss technique and coaching methods.

“As someone who leads after-school clubs and junior group sessions on a regular basis, I’m always looking for new ideas to develop in the sessions.”

You can join the group by clicking here. Just ensure you submit your TTID number, which you’ll be prompted to do when joining the group.

Coach Licence

We currently have the highest number of licensed coaches that we’ve ever had and we’ve put a lot of work into offering additional benefits to our licensed coaches.

Coaches have access to the TT Learning Zone / TT Coach Support page, where they can access a significant amount of learning material. We have a large archive of webinars and podcasts from many professions on various topics, which our coaches have full access to.

You’ll also have access to session plan templates, the Winning Edge magazine, discounted rates through our working partnerships and of course access to our new Facebook group which is mentioned above. These are all additional benefits to the Coach Licence:

  • All coaches registered on the Coach Licence Scheme receive up to £10 Million Public Liability insurance as well as benefiting from discounts and offers exclusive to our coaches.
  • Any newly qualified coach will receive a complimentary Table Tennis England Coach Licence until the next renewal period.
  • A Coach Licence can be purchased for one year or a three-year cycle, at which point it will need to be renewed.
  • Coaches have the opportunity to purchase a year licence at a cost of £29 or a three-year license at a cost of £24 per year (£72 total for 3 years).
  • In order to purchase a Coach Licence please create an account on TT Memberships if you have not already done so and complete the application form and online payment.

To find out more about the Coach Licence Scheme, click here.

It’s also incredibly important that coaches hold a valid DBS. Table Tennis England is committed to trying to create a safe environment for children and young people in our sport and believes that everyone involved with the sport should be aware of the importance of Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checking in the recruitment process for both staff and volunteers. To read our complete guidance on the DBS, click here.