British Clubs Leagues

British Clubs Leagues encompass the national merit league structure open to all clubs, counties and teams from across the Home Countries, and also the regular, flexible, entry-level, locally-delivered team events for clubs in England.

NCL/ NJL and British League will move under a single club league umbrella and become more directly aligned in terms of branding, TTE support and processes – in order to increase efficiency, and to provide an improved experience to hosts and entrants.  

Organisers of the leagues are meeting regularly to support this process. Some of the anticipated changes to achieve a consistent and more effective approach are: 

  • Evolved Table Tennis England staff support for volunteers, hosts and entrant clubs 
  • Common documentation, regulations and entry/payment processes 
  • Integrated committee support 
  • Rebranding 

There will be no essential changes to the format and structure of NCL and NJL, which will remain flexible, locally delivered and targeted at developing players, as feedback in earlier wide-ranging consultation recognised that this works well. 

No existing opportunities will be lost in British League. 

The national ‘Senior’ club competition (SBL) will continue to include a KO cup for the top division clubs – a pinnacle event for the very best teams as a season finale and showcase. 

JBL will remain at 2 weekends for the 2024/25 season. 

Other changes will include a streamlined player registration process to avoid individual costs related to each individual player; Premier/ Associate/ Registered club status will be reflected in a tiered financial approach, plus tiered priority in the entry waiting list, and will become a factor in divisions formed by aggregated ranking; and previous season ‘promotion/ relegation’ position + 1st team entry + player retention will also be introduced as factors in divisions formed by aggregated ranking. 

An online annual forum (“Conference”) will be launched as a regular opportunity for clubs and other stakeholders to provide feedback on the competitions and help inform the future direction of the national club leagues. 

Details for British League season 24/25 can be found here: British League | TT LeaguesNCL/ NJL details can be seen here National Cadet and Junior League – Table Tennis England, and entries are currently open for Season 24/25