National Championships

The series of National Championships in each age-group.

The evolution of the U11 & U13 National Championships to become a broader U10, U11, U12 & U13 open event will take place this season – at WV Active Aldersley in Wolverhampton on the weekend of June 8-9 2024. 

All events are unrestricted by ranking, including doubles at U12 and U13 age-groups, but with protected places for top-ranked players – and restricted to England-eligible players who have competed at a minimum of one 1* or NCL/ NJL event in the same season. 

These changes provide more youth opportunities without the proviso of needing to have an existing national ranking. The changes also provide additional doubles play. 

Event documentation and further details can be seen on the event homepage Mark Bates Ltd U10-U13 National Championships – Table Tennis England – entries are open NOW on a first-come first-served basis.  

Other age-group National Championships will be reconfigured in the 2024/25 season into a Cadet & U17 event; a Junior & U21 event; and a standalone Senior event. 

This reorganisation will create more doubles opportunities and continue to support integration of para categories, as well as allowing focus on one age group per day in the three age-group events, and allowing for greater flexibility in the schedule of the Senior Nationals.

The event dates are as follows: 

  • Senior National Championships Qualifier – 04-05 January 2025 (venue TBC) 
  • Cadet & U17 National Championships – 08-09 March 2025 (venue TBC) 
  • Senior National Championships – 21-23 March 2025 (venue TBC) 
  • U10-13 National Championships – 12-13 April 2025 (venue TBC) 
  • Junior & U21 National Championships – 10-11 May 2025 (venue TBC) 

Event documentation and further details will be published on the National Championships homepage Mark Bates Ltd National Championships – Table Tennis England around 3 months prior to each event.