Jos Kelly has been elected to the Board of Table Tennis England.

Voting by Company Members closed at 23.59 on Tuesday, November 1, with three candidates on the ballot paper.

The vote and count were carried out electronically, checked and verified by the Returning Officer Caroline Williams and scrutineers Paul Nicholls and Jenny Ferguson.

The ballot result was as follows:

  • Jos Kelly 168
  • Neil Hurford 152
  • Michael Bishop 13

In total, 221 Company Members (Directors and those representing their counties and leagues) were eligible to cast votes and, of those, 154 did so – a turnout of 70%. As Company Members each represent a different number of vote units, the percentage of eligible votes cast was 69%.

Jos joins Susie Venner, Don Parker and Ritchie Venner as the Elected Directors on the Board. He will take up his position immediately and will be in post for a four-year period ending on November 2, 2026.

Table Tennis England Chairperson Sandra Deaton said: “I’m delighted to welcome Jos Kelly to the Board, becoming the fourth elected director.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all three of the candidates. All three had skills which would meet the needs of the organisation as we move forward with our Table Tennis United strategy. I’m confident Jos will integrate well with the current Board members.

“I’d also like to express my thanks to the general membership for engaging in the election process, with a special thanks and appreciation to Caroline Williams, our returning officer.”

Jos said: “I’m delighted and couldn’t have joined at a better time, with the launch of the new strategy. I’m also pleased and see it as a good sign that the membership was engaged in the election and saw candidates worth backing.

“I’ve been involved in the sport in an administrative fashion for a while and I think that’s given me access to the pulse of the sport. The amount of hours I’ve spent in a table tennis environment has been considerable and I’ve spoken to a lot of people, so I think I can bring an understanding of what people at the heart of the sport want.

“I’ve also got a background in the corporate boardroom and I hope I can bring that skill and experience into Table Tennis England and help strengthen the organisation.”