The latest tournament on the Isle of Wight was the Island Echo-Sponsored handicapped tournament on 26th January. There was an excellent turnout with 36 entries, organised into six groups of six.

The four semi finalists are (above, from left) Island stalwart Alex Rorke, winner of many previous table tennis events; Ryan Cates, ever improving 17-year-old who is playing in his first season in the Senior British League; Ryan’s uncle Shane Cates, a Division Three player, who surprised everyone with his determined, positive play; and finally, another 17-year-old, Ethan Millward, who has made great strides this season.

Both Ethan and Ryan have come through the Island’s excellent coaching system.

The four players will meet in the semi finals and the final on the Island’s Finals Nights on 1st May.

Meanwhile, an illustration of the ability of young and old to play and enjoy table tennis is illustrated on the Isle of Wight. Below on the left is Jye Lock, who is making rapid progress through the Island’s coaching system. On the right is Bert Paice, President of the Isle of Wight Table Tennis Association.

There is almost eighty years between them, but it finished honours even with one victory each from their two meetings in the Island League, Division Three.