As communities continue to move back towards normal life, table tennis is also restarting in all sorts of settings, from outdoor Ping! tables and workplaces to leisure centres and clubs. Here are our top five reasons why everyone should pick up a bat and get involved!

Number 1: It’s good for your health

As little as 10 minutes of table tennis at a time can do wonders for your health! It’s also easy on the body as table tennis is a non-contact sport. You can play within your own capabilities and limitations and still have a great game. If you’ve played before, you will already know the great benefits for your physical health!

Number 2: It’s sociable

Table tennis brings people together. Have a game with your friends, make some new ones or get to know your colleagues with a friendly game of table tennis!

Number 3: It’s good for your brain

Table tennis aids complex thinking and increases the cortex (the part of the brain that shrinks with age). Not only that but regular activity can reduce depression, stress and anxiety issues while improving self-esteem.

Number 4: Everyone can play

Table tennis is a truly inclusive sport; anyone can play irrespective of age, physical ability or gender.

Number 5: You can play anywhere, anytime!

Table tennis can be played all year round indoors or outdoors, for an entire evening or just in your lunchbreak!

We want everyone to be able to return to the table with confidence, motivation and passion this summer so don’t forget to check out all our resources below:

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