The top eight boys and girls in the Junior age group have been invited to compete at the Junior National Cup, alongside the top two finishers in the recent Cadet National Cup.

The competition takes place at BATTS TTC in Harlow on the weekend of June 17 and 18 and the invitations have been based on the 22/9 rankings list published on May 10.

Mari Baldwin and Connor Green are respectively the highest-ranked players to be invited. Four medallists from last year are also on the list – Scarlett Anders (silver) and Megan Jones (bronze) in the girls’ category and Louis Price (pictured above, gold) and Ben Piggott (silver) on the boys’ side.

Once the field has been confirmed, seedings will be based on the 22/10 rankings, published on June 7.

The invited athletes are (* denotes Cadet National Cup top finishers):

Girls: Mari Baldwin, Anaya Patel, Scarlett Anders, Erin Green, Maliha Baig, Megan Jones, Millie Rogove, Anna Green, Ella Pashley*, Sienna Jetha*

Boys: Connor Green, Louis Price, Ben Piggott, Jakub Piwowar, Tom Rayner, Ralph Pattison, Naphong Boonyaprapa, Larry Trumpauskas, Rohan Dani*, Max Radiven*