Awards scheme

The TT Kidz awards scheme is a great way to engage junior players in table tennis.

The TT Kidz awards scheme

The awards scheme compliments both clubs that have delivered the eight-week TT Kidz programme and those that already have a strong U11 junior set up.

The awards scheme has been developed to allow participants to progress at their own pace and is inclusive for all.

How does the Awards scheme work?

The awards scheme consists of five fun-filled stages which focus on the key skills needed to develop in the sport. The awards have been designed so that all children have the opportunity to succeed and as they progress through the stages, the tasks become more challenging.

The programme also includes activities which will develop their umpiring skills, tactical knowledge and general understanding of the game.

Pop badges

To celebrate the achievements of the participants, a number of pop badges are up for grabs, which can be displayed on their lanyards.

The different badges available are:

  • Attendance awards:  received when attending either 10, 25 or 50 sessions
  • Challenges outside of the club sessions: Junior umpiring award or ‘I have played on an outdoor table’ 
  • Rewards: Star of the Week
  • Pop badges are really important aspect of the TT Kidz Awards programme

Children will also receive their own personal awards booklet so they can keep track of their progress, as well as a TT Kidz style lanyard and name tag.

Make the award’s scheme part of your club!

Check out the suggestions below to see a few ways that TT Kidz Awards could be implemented into your club:

  1. Challenges from the award scheme can be set as homework between sessions 
  2. The award scheme can follow on from the eight-week programme to support player development before they enter the main junior club session
  3. The awards scheme can be used between the autumn and spring eight-week programmes to help attract and retain new players
  4. The awards scheme can be used as an extension of the eight-week programme e.g., the challenges can be worked through as part of delivery

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