As we search for the next winner of our Inspirational Story of the Year award, the 2021 winner Kim Daybell has told us what it meant to him to win the award.

Having completed his medical degree in 2018 and working part-time as a junior doctor in North London, Kim was due to start training full-time for his third Paralympic games in 2020. However, he was instead working on the frontline in the fight against coronavirus at Whittington Hospital.

Working with his colleagues to save people’s lives, and raising awareness of the dangers of the virus through the media, he was an inspiration to people across the world, in particular his fellow athletes – showing it is possible to have a career in sport alongside pursuing your dreams.

Kim (pictured above) said: “Winning the Pride of Table Tennis award last year meant a huge amount to me after a difficult year.

“Table Tennis England have supported me through my whole career and that recognition from them meant the world after a very tough time working on the frontline though covid. Thanks for everything!”

Do you know of a similar inspirational story? If so, why not make a nomination in the Inspirational Story of the Year category in the Pride of Table Tennis Awards.

This award identifies inspirational table tennis stories from across the country that show where table tennis has made a positive impact on an individual or group in the last 12 months. Table tennis may have helped them recover from a serious illness or helped them to get back into sport and keep fit and healthy, or perhaps broken down barriers to participation for a certain group or in a particular location. No matter what the story is, we want to hear about it.

Kim Dyabell added: “Please, please make your nominations. These awards recognise people from all walks of life who done amazing things for table tennis and deserve to be noticed!”

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