Like the ITTF, the Liverpool and District Table Tennis League (LDTTL) celebrates its centenary in 2026. We are hoping to organise a Centenary Tournament for that year and if possible organise an exhibition in the Liverpool Museum.

Trevor Owen was the Fixture Secretary of the LDTTL for many years and during that time he has maintained records of all the tournaments since 1926 and also a record  of all the League Officials.

I have recently worked with Trevor in collecting a copy of all the League Handbooks and we have a copy of every one except 1977. We are trying to find it.

In 2001 the LDTTL was 75 years old and the League Secretary at the time, Tony Harris, published a league record called Seventy Five Not Out.  This included many records about the league development including records and photos of international players including Zoltan Mechlovits (Hungary), world champion in 1927, and other international players.

For 2026 we are hoping to update this book and call it One Hundred Not Out.  The LDTTL will be setting up a small working group which organise the centenary celebrations.

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