Members will notice a series of improvements to the current rankings system once the new season gets under way.

A number of developments over the summer enhance the functionality of the system. Following the publication of the opening season rankings in August, members will notice a brand new look to the rankings pages on the website, as well as a new user-interface when logged in to their membership profile.

The public webpages will have a new layout, with improved filter functionality, and the addition of each event name in players’ public match results.

Once logged in, members will also see an expanded menu for rankings in their membership profile. This will include a more comprehensive personal audit function, now incorporating non-eligible matches and those against non-ranking players, and also the ability to download fully-filtered ranking lists.

The way that ranking information is displayed will also now be linked to membership status. Audit and personal ranking information will be accessible to current members, and to lapsed members once they renew their membership.

Public ranking lists will show the names of current members, and lapsed members will be named once they renew their membership and following the subsequent ranking run.

Lapsed member names will continue to show in results – and information on lapsed members will still be available to technical officials, the same as with inactive members, for event seeding and banding purposes.

In order to publish these developments to the system, rankings data is anticipated to be offline and inaccessible between August 14 and 21 – we ask members to please plan accordingly.

Members are also kindly requested to please check their personal ranking audits following the last ranking run of the 2022/23 season, on Wednesday August 9. Any missing or incorrect results must be notified ASAP. The season will be closed and archived on Monday August 14, after which no changes are possible.

The opening season rankings for 2023/24 will be published at this time, including the transition of final-year Cadets to Juniors, and final-year Juniors to Seniors.