Back to TT

Get back into table tennis for adults who want start playing again.

Aimed at those who may consider returning to the game, predominately in the 25-55 age range.

Back to TT is a social session which aims to help clubs and/or leagues encourage new or existing players to return to table tennis in a friendly and welcoming environment, providing a great overall experience back into the game.

This type of session is particularly relevant following the recent pandemic and can enable players to gradually return following a long and enforced break.

We believe lots of adults want to play again but are unsure of where or how to get started.

Providing Back to TT sessions is a really effective way to enable players to return to the sport in a gradual and fun manner.

The Back to TT guide has ideas to help the session lead deliver a fun enjoyable session for all participants. Giving tips on how best to attract and retain players whilst developing new skills, having fun and making new friends.

Key themes to the guide:
  • Who you are most likely to engage?
  • How should the session be run?
  • Top tips on activities to offer
  • How and where to promote

The Back to TT product is free of charge and can be ordered by completing the simple form below. After completing our request form and meeting the basic criteria for delivering the product, you will receive a digital download with the product guide and branded supporting marketing materials.

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Back to TT can be ordered by filling in the simple form below.