Good practice guidelines

How to get the best out of your projects.

The guides below give advice on how to get the best results from projects in a number of areas, plus examples of clubs which have successfully implemented similar projects.
Customer Experience

If someone has a great experience, they are more likely to keep coming back and become the best campaigners for your club to attract new members. Find out why delivering a positive experience supports a sustainable infrastructure of clubs and leagues, and secures the future of table tennis.

Short-format and Junior League

Find out how and why table tennis clubs and leagues are adapting by providing offers that fit in with people’s busy lifestyles. This guide provides an overview of short-format leagues and examples of good practice, covering juniors and adults.

Women and Girls

Research suggests that there are 13 million women across England who want to be more active. This document is for those wanting to engage more women in table tennis and helps to understand the barriers to participation and how to overcome them, how to market sessions to women and girls, plus case studies of successful projects.