National Conference

Details about our programme of conferences for clubs, coaches and volunteers

The 2021 National Conference was held online on Saturday June 5th, with a total of 111 delegates signing up to the event.

The Conference featured a series of presentations and workshops around the themes of Diversity & Inclusion, and Planning for the Future. You can catch up on these below.

The event also honoured the immense contributions of table tennis volunteers through the National Pride of Table Tennis Awards. Click here to read more about the winners and to watch the ceremony.

You can also download the Conference agenda and overview, plus slides from the workshops, at the foot of this page.

Thanks to our Principal Partner, Rocca Creative, for their support of the Conference. You can download a two-page brochure from Rocca below. Thanks also to our Official Sponsors, RJ Brand Design, TPF Sports and LinQsport.

Webinars and presentations