In our coaching survey earlier this year, we received feedback from some coaches concerning the cost of our courses. Here, we provide insight into how the costs are set and how that compares to other sports.

Our course costs have remained the same for a number of years, despite rising annual costs, as well as the more recent price hikes we are all experiencing.

There are several considerations we make when running a coaching course, to ensure that we’re covering our costs.

We often require a minimum of 10 candidates for a Level 1 Session Coach course and eight candidates for a Level 2 Lead Coach course. These numbers allow us to pay our tutors and assessors, cover their costs as well as venue hire, printing and admin costs, and fees payable to our awarding partners 1st4Sport (our awarding partners validate our content and delivery, to ensure we are delivering quality courses).

Some of you may well have been involved in courses that have had a lower attendance (6-8), if that is the case then it often means running these courses have been run at a loss or the club/venue has been able to lower the hall costs to allow their members to attend a course.

Our priority remains the same, we aim to offer quality and affordable courses that are accessible to coaches and prospective coaches.

We believe our course costs are very good value, especially when compared with courses run by the National Governing Bodies (NGBs) of other sports.

The costs of our Level 1 Session Coach & Level 2 Lead Coach courses are:

  • Level 1 Session Coach – £190
  • Level 2 Lead Coach – £270

Level 1 costs in other sports:

  • Tennis (Assistant Coach) – £250
  • Squash – £150
  • Handball (Assistant Coach) – £120
  • Fencing (Introduction to Coaching) – £160

Level 2 costs in other sports:

  • Badminton – £420
  • Tennis – £425
  • Squash – £270
  • Handball – £295
  • Fencing – £290

Of the three Level 1 courses which offer a lower price when compared with Table Tennis England’s, the squash course is 100% online and offers no practical or face-to-face contact time with a tutor.

The Handball qualification is an assistant level and means those who qualify are only allowed to assist a Level 2 coach (our Level 1 Session Coach award allows coaches to coach on their own, due to the training they are provided). The Fencing course is an introduction to coaching award, which is a lower level than an assistant’s qualification.

From the Level 2 comparisons, you’ll see that along with Squash we offer the cheapest course from all of those listed.

But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of those who have taken the Level 1 and Level 2 courses have to say about their experience, including value for money.

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