A new video explains how the ITTF laws of table tennis are adapted when a player in an open event is in a wheelchair.

The adaptations include serving, receiving, contact with the table and doubles play, and apply to Table Tennis England events such as 1*, 2*, 4*, NCL/NJL, Grands Prix and British League.

Tournament organisers, officials and all playing members are urged to familiarise themselves with the video, as our inclusivity programme means that able-bodied players may be drawn to face players in a wheelchair in any of the above events.

We are grateful for the assistance of British Para Table Tennis performance players in the recording of this video, but stress that the adaptations are most likely to apply in Table Tennis England events where able-bodied players face opponents who are in a wheelchair.

The video is a new resource which helps to make clear to all members of the table tennis family how the adaptations work.

There is also a website page detailing these adaptations, which you can visit by clicking here.

These resources are part of our inclusivity programme, which includes a number of other initiatives and new practices across the competitions pathway, including in tournament regulations and the online entry portal.

You can read more about these by clicking here.