Defending champion Sienna Jetha will get the chance to win gold again at the Cadet National Cup.

The top 10 boys and girls in the age group have been invited to compete at the event at Joola Plymouth TTC on the weekend of May 13-14.

Jetha (pictured above), who won last year’s event as third seed, is currently No 1 on the rankings, ahead of Ella Pashley, who finished fourth last year. Naomi Coker, who was sixth, is also competing this season.

In the boys’ event, last year’s bronze medallist Ralph Pattison tops the list. The only other player returning is Isaac Kingham, who finished eighth last year.

The invitations have been based on the March rankings. If any athletes decline their invitation, the next athlete on the list will be invited, up to position 16

The invited athletes are:


Ralph Pattison, Isaac Kingham, Max Radiven, Kacper Piwowar, Rohan Dani, Abraham Earl Sellado, Leo Nguyen, Adam Alibhai, Harry Randall, Janak Shah


Sienna Jetha, Ella Pashley, Jonabel Taguibao, Mia Lakhani, Naomi Coker, Eva Eccles, Brooke Morris, Hannah Saunders, Lianna Shilani Tousi, Luna Archard