The Cadet National Cup is back on the calendar for the first time since 2019, as St Neots TTC hosts the top 10 boys and girls in the under-15 age group at the weekend.

The pandemic has caused the event to be cancelled in each of the past two seasons and only one of the 20 competitors, Ollie Maric-Murray, has previous experience in the competition.

He was 10th seed in the edition held at Corby Smash in 2019, but has risen to second seed this time out, behind Jakub Piwowar.

Maric-Murray does, however, know how it feels to win a National Cup, having triumphed in the Under-12 version in 2019. The same is true of Maliha Baig (pictured above), who also won that competition and who will be top seed in the girls’ category this weekend.

There are also several national champions in the field. Bethany Ellis won the cadet age group last summer and is seeded second, while under-12 and under-13 girls’ champion Sienna Jetha is the third seed. Under-13 boys’ gold medallist Ralph Pattison is ranked fourth in the boys’ category.

The competition sees all 10 competitors in each category play each other in a round-robin format to determine the medallists.

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The full fields are:

Boys: Jakub Piwowar, Oliver Maric-Murray, Larry Trumpauskas, Ralph Pattison, Isaac Kingham, Joseph Dennison, Francesco Bonato, Fred Jones, Ben Dunkley, Joseph Cooper

Girls: Maliha Baig, Bethany Ellis, Sienna Jetha, Connie Dumelow, Rachael Iles, Mabel Shute, Kate Watkinson, Mia Lakhani, Ella Pashley, Naomi Coker