Five English table tennis players will appear this week on ITV’s quiz show Tenable in an effort to win the top prize of £125,000.

The team consisting of Liam McTiernan, Maria Tsaptsinos, Yolanda King, Gabriel Achampong and Joe Pilkington took on the Tenable Tower on the popular daytime ITV show.

The five, pictured above, are all former University of Nottingham students and all competed on the international table tennis stage at some point in their careers.

Tenable is hosted by English actor Warwick Davis and sees five contestants attempt to answer ‘top-10 list’ questions for the chance to win a big cash prize.

Liam McTiernan was the mastermind behind entering the show – with an enthusiasm for general knowledge questions, he captained and spearheaded the other four through all the rounds.

The producers of the show recognised the team’s love for table tennis which led to the team name “Straight Off The Bat”.

Liam decided that the players he chose within the team had a vast range of knowledge which would help them answer questions surrounding everything from food to sport to countries of the world.

Liam said: “Being on a game show had always been on my bucket list and when I saw the opportunity to apply for Tenable I knew I had to take it and knew exactly who the right people were to join me!”

The show was filmed in March and Maria said: “It was a long process from that first initial application online to actually appearing on the show. None of us knew what to expect when we arrived at the studios, but it is definitely more intimidating standing under the camera lights than sitting on your sofa watching.”

Each member of the team had their own individual quiz round before those who answered correctly and contributed to the prize pot went forward to the final, where the team had a choice of two categories and one life each to win the money they had accumulated.

If you want to see how they got on, the show will be aired tomorrow, Thursday 20 October, at 3pm on ITV.

You can also catch up afterwards on ITV Hub.