TT at home

There’s lots of ways you can use a table tennis bat and ball to create some fun at home, even if you don’t have a table!

During the national lockdown in 2020 we were not able to play table tennis inside a public building but that didn’t mean we couldn’t have some fun activity with table tennis at home!

We made a series of films to give you some inspiration.  We’d love to see your films too, so don’t forget to post them on social media and make sure you tag us!

Reaction Catch

Attach 3 pieces of tape to the string and attach a table tennis ball to each piece of tape. Then you have to catch the balls when they release from the tape. To make it competitive, a partner can stand the other side of the string, whoever catches the ball first wins a point.

Table Tennis Boules

Throw a different sized ball or a suitable object approximately 5-10 metres away. Then, from where you threw the ball/object, you have to try and hit a table tennis ball as close as possible. Can play individually or as a pair.


With a partner, keep the ball up whilst moving towards the target, you must alternate hitting the ball. Once you reach the target try to drop the ball into a bucket, bin, saucepan, cup etc. If you drop the ball at any stage you must return to the start. Game idea, race against another pair or count how many times you can get it in a minute.

Ping Pong Darts

Create 4 holes, each a different size, in a piece of cardboard/paper. Then approximately 5 metres away try to hit the ball through the hole. The smaller the hole the more points gained. If there is more than one player allocate a number of points for each hole, then see who gets the greatest number of points after 5 shots.

Ping Pong Net D.I.Y.

Turn a kitchen table into a table tennis table by placing a variety of similar sized objects across the centre.

Distance Hitting

The aim is to hit a ball from each cone into the bucket in the least amount of shots. Starting from the closest cone you can only move back a cone once you have got it in.  The aim is to get a ball into the bucket, from each cone, in the least amount of shots.