Ahead of a crucial weekend in the SBL Championship Division, the league table was reflecting a tense narrative at both ends. With BATTS 2 and London Academy 1 neck and neck at 17 points each, the pressure was mounting for the leading duo to maintain their winning ways. Nottingham TTC 1, within striking distance, was prepared to capitalize on any opportunity to ascend.

In the lower tier of the table, the fight to avoid relegation was just as fierce. Ormesby 2, Fusion 2, and PPong Team were facing crucial matches that could dictate their survival in the division. Every point was set to be fiercely contested, with the weekend’s outcomes potentially reshaping the entire landscape of the league.

Saturday 24th February  10:30 

Perry Dale 08 vs Ormesby 2WATCH ON TTE.TV

In a closely fought contest, Perry Dale 08 and Ormesby 2 ended level with a 4-4 draw. Graeme Barella, the standout player for Ormesby 2, notched significant wins, including a notable 3-1 victory over Samuel Perry and a 3-0 sweep against Kim Daybell. For Perry Dale 08, Simon Noutch and Sammy Kaye countered with straight-set wins over Ryan Nassau and Hannah Silcock, respectively, to balance the scales.

BATTS 2 vs Fusion 2

BATTS 2 delivered a strong performance, defeating Fusion 2 with a scoreline of 6-2. Jack Bennett of BATTS 2 earned the Player of the Match title, contributing crucial wins, like a 3-1 victory over Joshua Dye. Fusion 2’s Tianyi Yu managed a 3-1 upset over Adam Nutland, but it wasn’t enough to turn the tide against BATTS 2’s momentum.

Nottingham TTC 1 vs PPong Team

Nottingham TTC 1 dominated PPong Team, concluding with an imposing 8-0 victory. Maxim Stevens was the linchpin for Nottingham, overcoming Joseph Marlor 3-2 in a tight contest. The PPong Team struggled to gain ground, with Nottingham’s Joe Sawyer and Oliver Cornish adding to the team’s clean sweep without dropping a set.

London Academy 1 vs Wymondham

London Academy 1 secured a narrow win against Wymondham, 5-3. Fredrik Nordahl’s strategic gameplay was on full display, including a 3-0 shutout against Connor Whitehead. Wymondham’s Isaac Kingham fought hard, claiming a 3-0 win over Gabriel Achampong, but it was not enough to overcome London Academy’s overall team strength.

Urban TTC 1 vs Brighton TTC 2

Urban TTC 1 and Brighton TTC 2 battled to a 4-4 draw, with each side trading blows. Brighton’s Ihor Zavadskyi stood out, especially in his 3-0 victory over Mateusz Mikosz. Urban’s Joseph Hunter and Leon Thomson contributed with 3-1 and 3-0 wins against Aaron McKibbin and a Brighton player not in attendance, respectively.

Saturday 24th February 14:30

Nottingham TTC 1 vs London Academy 1WATCH ON TTE.TV

In a clash that could influence the top of the table, London Academy 1 delivered a significant blow to Nottingham TTC 1 with a 7-1 victory. Fredrik Nordahl was the architect behind many of London Academy’s points, including a straight-sets victory over Owen Brown. Despite Nottingham’s home advantage, London Academy 1’s superior play across the board, evidenced by decisive wins from Gabriel Achampong and Jerry Fung, underscored their title aspirations.

Ormesby 2 vs BATTS 2

BATTS 2 edged out Ormesby 2 with a 5-3 win, solidifying their position near the top. Joe Ferguson of BATTS 2 took home Player of the Match honors, with crucial wins including a hard-fought victory over Hannah Silcock. Ormesby 2’s Graeme Barella and Abraham Earl Sellado put up a strong fight, but BATTS 2’s overall strength prevailed.

Fusion 2 vs Urban TTC 1

Urban TTC 1, looking to climb the league standings, suffered a setback with a 5-3 loss to Fusion 2. Player of the Match went to Urban’s Mateusz Mikosz, who shone despite the defeat, notching key wins including a tight 3-2 victory over Tianyi Yu. Fusion 2’s balanced team effort, however, was enough to secure the win, with Joshua Dye contributing to the success with a straight-sets win over Joseph Hunter.

Wymondham vs Perry Dale 08

In a mid-table matchup, Wymondham and Perry Dale 08 fought to a 4-4 draw. Rhys Davies of Wymondham turned in a Player of the Match performance, with impressive wins such as a 3-2 triumph over Sammy Kaye. Perry Dale 08’s Simon Noutch and Kim Daybell answered back with wins of their own, but neither side could clinch the decisive point.

Brighton TTC 2 vs PPong Team

Brighton TTC 2 took on the struggling PPong Team and emerged with a 4-3 victory. Brighton’s Ihor Zavadskyi continued his excellent form, including a straight-sets win over Joseph Marlor. PPong Team’s resilience was evident in Harri Docherty’s win against Aaron McKibbin, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Brighton’s concerted team effort.

Sunday 25th February 09:30 

Urban TTC 1 vs Ormesby 2

Urban TTC 1 and Ormesby 2 ended in a deadlock, with both teams sharing the spoils in a 4-4 draw. Abraham Earl Sellado of Ormesby 2 was in top form, overpowering Leon Thomson in a 3-0 set, contributing significantly to his team’s draw and earning the Player of the Match title. Urban TTC 1’s Joseph Hunter and Sam Gabriel secured wins, but Ormesby’s consistent performance across other sets, particularly Graeme Barella’s 3-2 victory over Mateusz Mikosz, kept the match even.

BATTS 2 vs Wymondham

In an upset, Wymondham took a decisive 6-2 victory over BATTS 2, shaking up the league predictions. Isaac Kingham of Wymondham played a pivotal role, securing key victories and earning the Player of the Match award. His 3-1 win against Mollie Patterson was crucial in cementing Wymondham’s dominant performance.

PPong Team vs London Academy 1

London Academy 1 came out strong against PPong Team, notching a 6-2 win. Paul Cicchelli stood out for PPong Team despite the loss, delivering wins that challenged London Academy, including a notable 3-0 victory over Ching Sum Pang, earning him the Player of the Match recognition. However, London Academy’s depth proved too much, with Fredrik Nordahl and Gabriel Achampong contributing to their team’s overall win.

Perry Dale 08 vs Nottingham TTC 1

Nottingham TTC 1 claimed a 6-2 victory over Perry Dale 08, with Oliver Cornish receiving Player of the Match honors. His victories were key to Nottingham’s success, including a 3-0 win against Sammy Kaye. Perry Dale 08’s Kim Daybell provided resistance with a 3-1 win over Joe Sawyer, but Nottingham’s concerted effort across the board secured the win.

Brighton TTC 2 vs Fusion 2

Brighton TTC 2 won the match due to Fusion being unable to field a full team.

Sunday 25th February 13:30

Ormesby 2 vs Brighton TTC 2

Ormesby 2 and Brighton TTC 2 ended their face-off with a 4-4 draw. Brighton’s Ihor Zavadskyi, consistent in his top form, was crucial in securing points for his team, including a straight-sets win against Hannah Silcock. However, Ormesby 2’s resilience was on full display, as they clawed back points to ensure an even finish, highlighted by Abraham Earl Sellado’s victories.

London Academy 1 vs Perry Dale 08

London Academy 1 emerged victorious with a 5-3 win over Perry Dale 08. Kim Daybell from Perry Dale 08 shone brightly despite the loss, upsetting several higher-ranked players, which earned him the Player of the Match. This result pushed London Academy further up the leaderboard as they chase the top spot.

Nottingham TTC 1 vs BATTS 2

Nottingham TTC 1 took a commanding 7-1 win over BATTS 2. Owen Brown of Nottingham played a significant role in their victory, securing the Player of the Match title through his consistent play. Nottingham’s win here was a statement to the league, showing they are contenders for the top positions.

Wymondham vs Urban TTC 1WATCH ON TTE.TV

Wymondham secured a 5-3 win against Urban TTC 1, with Rhys Davies of Wymondham putting on a Player of the Match performance, including a 3-1 win over Mateusz Mikosz. This win is a key step for Wymondham in their pursuit of climbing up the league table.

Fusion 2 vs PPong Team

PPong Team came out on top with a 6-1 victory over Fusion 2, who faced challenges with an incomplete squad. Harri Docherty from PPong Team was instrumental in their win, delivering when it mattered most and earning the Player of the Match accolade.

A look ahead to the final fixtures in the SBL Championship

As the SBL Championship Division heads into its 5th and final weekend of action on 6th April, the league table presents a gripping narrative. London Academy 1 holds the top spot, remaining undefeated, leading by three points and positioning themselves as the favourites for the title. Hot on their heels, BATTS 2 occupy second place, with no room for error left if they aim to overtake the leaders.

Nottingham TTC 1 is still in the chase, sitting in third, and must deliver exceptional performances to disrupt the top two. Wymondham and Brighton TTC 2 are comfortably placed in the middle of the pack, looking to end their season on a positive note.

The relegation battle is just as tense, with Perry Dale 08, Urban TTC 1, and Ormesby 2 all facing the threat of descending from the division. Fusion 2 and PPong Team are at the base of the table, needing to fight for every point in their final matches to avoid relegation.

Follow the action live on the 6th and 7th April on TTE.TV. Can London Academy go the distance and remain undefeated?