The Isle of Wight Association organises an annual hardbat tournament, which can be quite difficult to adjust to but is always great fun.

This year, Island’s Hardbat event took place at the T. Tennis Centre at Smallbrook and 23 people took part.

The Singles event was won by one of the Island’s top players, Alex Rorke. In the final he beat Ryan Cates, a 17-year-old with great potential.

In the Doubles, Ryan partnered Peter Clarke and they managed to beat Glenn Morley & Nicky Dando.

It was terrific fun and a pertinent reminder of days gone by when our table tennis ancestors all played with a hardbat.

Pictured above are Ryan Cates & Peter Clarke (right) and Glenn Morley & Nicky Dando (left).

Alex Rorke and Ryan Cates