Thousands of players compete in local leagues up and down the country every week – and now is the time to honour those leagues which really make a difference to their teams and players.

The Pride of Table Tennis Awards includes a League of the Year category, so if you know a league which is a shining example, then please nominate them now!

Perhaps you know a league like the Leicester & District Table Tennis League. As the Ping! partner for Leicester, the league was instrumental in a project which engaged families during the challenging pandemic period, prioritising health and wellbeing, and aiming to deliver physical activity and table tennis to people at home.

By working with local charities and community groups, they were able to circulate equipment in priority areas and have continued to create a structured plan to get people more active.

Speaking on behalf of the league, Harry White said: “It was a real honour to win the League of the Year award and be recognised for our work during the pandemic.

“It’s well worth nominating as it is an opportunity to help someone receive recognition for their hard work and know that they are appreciated by their community.”

Do you know an inspirational league? Nominations close at 11:59pm on Sunday 4th December.

Steve White with the Leicester & District League’s 2021 award