Colin Clemett says he is “surprised and flattered” after being presented with a gift to mark his retirement from the Rules Committee at the age of 94.

Richard Scruton, former ETTU Secretary-General and a good friend of Colin, visited him at home to present him with a photographic memento on behalf of Table Tennis England.

Colin also received a hamper in thanks for his involvement of more than 65 years.

Colin said: “When in 1958 I began my first spell in the Rules Committee, people warned me that the work would be boring and tedious. This advice could not have been more wrong; it has been a privilege and a pleasure to be engaged in an activity which was never without interest, and I shall miss it.  

“I was surprised and flattered to receive an award just for doing something that I enjoyed, but I am very grateful for the gift and the memento, and for the willing co-operation, forbearance and friendship of my colleagues over the years.”

Table Tennis England Chairperson Sandra Deaton added: “It was a pleasure and an honour for the Association to recognise Colin Clemett’s retirement from the rules committee.

“Colin has served our sport for an incredible period of time. His unprecedented knowledge and understanding of our articles, regulations and rules, both nationally and internationally, have been the central to the evolution of the sport.

“Thank you, Colin, for your dedicated service. I would also like to thank Richard Scruton for representing Table Tennis England.”

Although his time on the Rules Committee has ended, Colin remains a member of the Table Tennis England Archives, Museum and Records Committee.