Players can keep track of any points they receive if shown a yellow, yellow/red or red card by an official by visiting our player sanctions page.

The new page contains information about points and suspensions, alongside a document listing the players who currently have any points or suspensions on their record.

The Table Tennis England Sanctions Scheme sees points allocated as follows:

1 point: Yellow card and yellow/red card

2 points: Red card (disqualification)

A player is suspended from all competitive play for a period of one month (4 weeks) if they accumulate 5 points in a 12-month period. Thereafter, a player is suspended from all competitive play for a further period of one month (4 weeks) if they accumulate 3 points in a 12-month period following a period of suspension.

Points fall off a player’s record after 12 months, and therefore do not count permanently against them.

Suspensions are extremely rare – out of around 3,000 nationally licensed players, only a handful are suspended in any given year.                                         

We are publishing this information to help players keep track of their points and to help players, parents, clubs and coaches to proactively manage this in terms of entering events or making team selections.           

Neil Rogers, Head of Competitions and Events, said: “We hope publishing this list is a positive and transparent step to help players keep track and also manage any behaviour which can lead to cards being shown and points allocated.

“It is worth remembering that suspensions are very much an exceptional sanction – they are not issued regularly, or for isolated offences.

“Our sanctions are not intended to be punitive but rather to help players become more aware of how adverse behaviour can affect themselves and others, and to help them develop as players and manage any adverse behaviours.”

Click here to visit the player sanctions page and to download a copy of the current list. Please note, while every effort is made to keep this published record up to date, it is the responsibility of individual players to keep their own record of cards received.

Full details of the Sanctions Scheme can be found in Section 6 of the Table Tennis England Regulations Part A: Regulated Competitions