GB Junior Squad

How the GB Junior programme is structured.

The key strategy to achieving the aims of the UK Sport investment is to significantly increase the time training and competing for those players who have already achieved an international standard and are committed to finding out what they are capable of.

The GB Junior programme will be structured in order to incorporate a wide range of player situations. This individual athlete approach will be more effective because:

  • It will be more flexible
  • It will recognise that the programme will cover both genders and different disciplines and thus support different training and competition programmes
  • It will better support the individual Home Nation competition needs
  • Accountability for getting better sits with the player, rather than the programme
  • More efficient use of resources and deploying the most expert coaches where they can have the biggest impact

Each selected individual will be offered the chance to work with the GB coaches should they want to and that door will be open all the time should they need to.

Players who have met the minimum criteria and subject to the eligibility requirements can apply for consideration at any time.  

For more information, please email us.