TTE.TV viewers had a fascinating insight into the life of a table tennis parent during coverage of the SBL Championship at the weekend.

Our live coverage was led by a fantastic set of commentators, including our own Chloe Ireland, as well as Martyn Green, Ashwin Subramaniam and Toby McLewin – as featured on the ‘commentator cam’ – providing plenty of insight and analysis around each featured match, plus chat and interviews between matches.

There were a few special guests too, including Jennie Kingham, the mum of Wymondham player Isaac, who spent some time in the ‘commentary booth’ watching her son take on Ormesby’s Abraham Sellado.

Isaac, 15, has moved away from home in Suffolk to attend Charles Read Academy in Grantham, so that he can train both there and at the nearby Grantham Academy, which is a hotbed of table tennis development.

Jennie talked about this, how Isaac got into table tennis in the first place, and his pivotal relationship with coach, Aad Kwakkelstein at the Britannia club in Ipswich.

She said: “He used to play tennis a lot and some of the friends he played tennis with started going to the local club, Britannia, and they invited him along one Saturday morning – and he loved it.

“After a year or so, he decided he was going to switch from tennis, and he’s not looked back since. He did the relevant Under-11 Nationals and from there got the confidence that it’s something he can do well in.

“Moving to Grantham wasn’t easy, because he’s not finished school yet. He’s moved for Year 11 and he’s got to try to balance education as well as training.

“To be professional is definitely what he wants – we’ll just have to see but he’s got the best opportunity at Grantham with the quality of training. Aad is really supportive and felt it was right for him to move away from Suffolk. It’s going well so far, but I miss him!”

You can enjoy our four featured matches from the weekend in full on demand at TTE.TV – choose from the following:

  • PPong v Fusion
  • London Academy v BATTS
  • Brighton v Nottingham
  • Wymondham v Ormesby

To listen to Jennie’s insight, and watch a pulsating clash of two teenage talents as Isaac took on Abraham, choose the Wymondham v Ormesby match and navigate to around 56 minutes.