Ormesby took the second qualification place after beating TTC Hercogs Club from Latvia by 3-0 and Fusion from London by the same score.  In the match to decide the winners of the qualification tournament the Ormesby Club were beaten 3-1 by a strong Norwegian team B-72 who took the title.

The Ormesby results against TTC Hercogs and Fusion were achieved by wins from Karina Le Fevre, Ella Pashley (pictured above) and Rebecca Savage.  Both matches were closer than the results suggest.  Against TTC Hercogs Karina le Fevre beat Inta Zdanovska, Ella Pashley excelled beating TTC Hercogs number one, Anzelika Petrauskiene, in 5 games.  The rules of the Trophy state that if a match goes to 5 games then the last game is up to 6 with sudden death at 5-5.  Ella Pashley won at 6-3 in the 5th.  Rebecca Savage also played a 5th set beating Ieva Lepse also by 6-3. 

The match between Ormesby and Fusion was also close.  Karina le Fevre beat Tiana Dennison 3-0 but Ella Pashley produced another good performance to beat the defender Elena Todirca by 6-2 in the 5th, while Rebecca Savage beat Mya Sultan by 3-1.

In the deciding match against B-72, Ormesby lost 3-1 with the win being for Rebecca Savage beating Maria Horgen by 6-2 in the 5th.  Ella Pashley had a close match with Norwegian No 1 senior Rebekka Carlsen before losing 3-1.

Fusion finished in 4th position after a very close match with TTC Hercogs.  It was won by the Latvian team by 3-2 with Tianna Dennison beating Inta Zdanovska by 6-3 in the 5th and Mya Sultan winning in straight games against Ieva Lepse.

Ormesby are now invited to the grand final which takes place in March.

Action from the Ormesby hosted event can be seen on TTE.TV.

Karina Le Fevre – photograph by permission of Chris Rayner
Tiana Dennison – photograph by permission of Michael Loveder
Rebecca Savage – photo by permission of Chris Rayner